I am a servant of God, wife, mother of two sweet boys, big sister, hockey player, adventurer at heart, and photographer. I discovered my passion for taking photos when I realized the opportunity it gave me to capture people in different seasons of life, all the while enjoying a bit of that season with them while I captured it through my lens. One of my first photo sessions was an engagement shoot. The giddiness of my friends as we took the photos, and excitement of getting them on my computer and ready for printing was my first taste of how much I enjoyed photography. Another opportunity I had shortly after, I was able to capture a dear friend laboring and giving birth to her first child. Same story as the first- I couldn't wait to get the photos off of my camera and prepared to share with her. These were just a couple of experiences that drew me to discover my passion for photography. This passion for photography brings me here, eager to capture your moments in whatever season you are currently in. Real, raw, put together or completely falling apart.