I am a follower of Jesus, wife, momma of two sweet boys, big sister, hockey player, adventurer at heart, and photographer. 
I love people, I love how unique each person is and how varying our seasons of life are. When I realized that photography gave me the opportunity to join in with people, exactly where they are, and document such fleeting moments for them... that's when I fell in love with taking pictures. 
We only get today once, our moments are so quickly gone. I look at my little boys (now nearly 3 and 1) and I cant imagine them much different than they are. Then I look back at pictures - oh my have they changed. I thought there was no way a car seat could even be safe for my little one when the chest buckle covered his whole torso! Now he is long out of that car seat and in a 'big boy' one. It's crazy. Then I go back even further and I see my wedding day, drawing my mind back to thinking about all of the feelings of excitement and wonder as I was committing to share my life with this man that I had only met a short year before. My mind seems to only go so far when it comes to remembering; but pictures, those help draw those sweet moments out from the attic of my brain. 
Pictures tell stories, they bring back feelings of joy, remind you of the days your outfit was only clean for the first 30 seconds of wearing it. 
All of this brings me here, eager to capture your moments in whatever season you are in. Real, raw, put together or completely falling apart.