What does a day in the life look like?

When you schedule a day in the life session, you are booking a particular day that you would like my camera and I to join in on. I will come to your home (or wherever you are going to be) and document the day. Think of it as having a friend pop over for the day! If your family goes outside to play, I will join. You need to head to the grocery store? I'll come along with you! The point is to capture it all. Things that you may think of to be boring or mundane (laundry anyone?) are all things that point to the beauty of your home and family.
Day in the life sessions give you the opportunity to have your life; real and raw; documented to look back on for years to come. Think your children's children (and perhaps beyond); browsing these photos; getting sweet glimpses into what your life looked during that particular season. Videos are great, but there is something special about an album on the shelf. Holding a physical book that dives you deep into your sweet life.
All day in the life sessions come with a high quality, 10 spread photo album, holding your favorite takes of the day.
This would hands down be my highest recommended way for capturing the true essence of your family!

+ Did you know day in the life isn't limited to a typical day at home? Day in the life can create coverage for parties, family outings, and more!

Contact me with any questions you may have regarding this type of session.